Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Bike Trainer Review

Kinetic-Road-Machine-20-Fluid-Trainer-Green-0-1The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 is one of the best resistance bike trainers currently on the market.

Why use the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine?

Bike trainers are perfect for riders who wish to ride indoors, whether it be because of bad weather, or for those who are resistance training. There a few benefits to using bike trainers, especially when training, because biking indoors reduces noise, traffic, and other distractions. You could concentrate more on your resistance workout more efficiently because you don’t lose time at lights or downhill rides.

As they say, one hour on the trainer is worth two on the road.

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Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Review

According to users, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is similar to riding their bike on the street. It is also pretty simple to assemble out of the box. Its solid body allows for a smooth, quiet ride.

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is a fluid trainer, where there is blade inside a repository of fluid. This means that the harder you pedal, the tougher the resistance, so there are no knobs or switches to adjust. It is also leak-proof, so you do not need to worry about spillage.

Bikes that have a thru-axle in their rear wheel will need the Traxle adapter to use it on the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 vs 1.0

The original version of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine had several holes in the back legs to adjust the wheel size, which required two wrenches. With the 2.0, the stand is now adjustable. The rubber pegs on the feet have been updated for a better grip, and the 2.0 is now compatible with 29″ wheels.

Overall, this is a great starter trainer and is pretty popular among cyclists. It is useful for both low-speed cruising and high intensity workouts.