Best 3 Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews

indoor bike trainer reviews

Have you been bored lately? Would you like to get on your bike, but is the weather preventing you from doing so? Have a look at our indoor bike trainer reviews. We’ll tell you the pros and cons of each indoor bike trainer, so you can choose which one is best for you.

 Indoor Bike Trainer ReviewsCompatibilityPortabilityExtrasPrice 

Gavin Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

indoor bike trainer reviews26", 27" or 700c wheelFoldableSingle adjustment, progressive magnetic resistance; front wheel riser block included.$$$Check Price On Amazon

Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

conquer indoor bike trainer portable reviews26", 27" or 700c wheelFoldableSingle adjustment, progressive magnetic resistance; front wheel riser block included.$$Check Price On Amazon

FDW Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

fdw quiet indoor bike trainer stand26", 27" or 700c wheelFoldableFive internal resistance settings. Quiet design, very low noise.$$Check Price On Amazon

1. Gavin Indoor Bike Trainer Review

gavin indoor bike trainer reviewThe Gavin Indoor Bike Trainer Stand has a heavy-duty construction and an extra wide frame for great stability. It also folds quickly for convenience and easy storage. This indoor bike trainer has mounting cups that are sturdy enough to prevent slippage and includes a quick release.

The Gavin has single adjustment, progressive magnetic resistance. You adjust the tension as tight as you like. The resistance is excellent and this indoor bike trainer also doesn’t make much noise.

It is compatible with a 26″, 27″ and 700c bikes. The Gavin Indoor Bike Trainer comes with a riser block for the front wheel. The Gavin Indoor Bike Trainer is a very good indoor bike trainer and many users are very satisfied with it.

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2. Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Stand Review

conquer indoor bike trainer portable reviewThe Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer has a heavy-duty construction and it’s frame is extra wide for greater stability. This indoor bike trainer stand can also be folded quickly, for easier transportation and storage. It has sturdy mounting cups to prevent slippage, and includes a quick release. The Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer has progressive magnetic resistance, with one adjustment setting. This bike trainer stand is compatible with 26″, 27″ and 700c bicycles. It comes with a riser block for the front wheel.

This product is well made and it appears really sturdy. It folds for safe keeping and it also has a nice feature for storage. It comes with a block which is not always the case with other indoor bike trainers. It is easy to setup and it doesn’t cause many marks on the floor.

However, some users do complain about the loud and somewhat annoying noise it produces. This may or may not be an issue for you, depending on your housing situation. Having said that, most users are very positive about this indoor trainer, since it offers good value for money.

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3. FDW Indoor Bike Trainer Review

fdw quiet indoor bike trainer reviewsThe FDW Steel Trainer is a very polular indoor bike trainer, that can fit almost any size tire, so you can use it with both road and mountain bikes.

This indoor trainer also offers impressively good resistance with it’s five internal resistance settings, that can be adjusted from the special ‘knob’ you attach to your handle bars. Together with the gears on your bike, this gives you the ability to fine-tune the amount of resistance you want to excercise with.

The heavy duty steel frame of the FDW Indoor Bike Trainer feels stable enough, and can also easily be folded for travel and storage.

This indoor bike trainer is especially designed to have little-to-no-noise. Users report that, depending on the type of tires on your bike, this trainer is indeed very quiet.

Eventhough this bike trainer does not come with a front wheel block, we believe this bike trainer to be a great buy.

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How to Choose Your Indoor Bike Trainer?

There are some thing you should keep in mind when choosing your own indoor bike trainer.

Here are some:

  • Bike Trainer Compatibility

You will need to know whether your indoor bike trainer is compatible with your bike. Indoor bike trainers have different axle attachment options and varying widths. You will have to check if the indoor bike trainer of your choice has the attachment options, like thru-axle adaptors, and freehub options, your bike requires.

  • Bike Trainer Storage

Depending on your preference, there are bike trainers that have folding legs so that you can store them with ease. They are nice, but be aware that they usually are also more expensive.

  • Bike Trainer Noise

Basically all indoor bike trainers produce noise and vibrations. Depending on your housing arrangement, this may or may not be an issue for you.

  • Bike Trainer Stability

Although crashes on trainers are rare, they can happen. Most indoor bike trainers have a broader base for more stability. Some even have a leveling feature, so that you can adjust them to be more stable on uneven surfaces.

Must Have Indoor Bike Trainer Accessories

Your trainer would be more efficient with these basic accessories:

  • Inserts for axle attachment

There are trainers that can be attached to the rear wheel which can accommodate a variety of axle standards and offer inserts for it. You have to check that the trainer of your preference is compatible for the bike that you would want to attach it to.

  • Block for the front wheel

Although you can use a phone book, a front wheel block is much more stable and is totally affordable.

  • Sensors

You can have a sensor for your power, cadence, and even virtual speed which is capable of transforming the basic units into the higher end smart trainers that can help you work with the training programs.

  • Floor mat

Not only does a floor mat prevent scratches on your floor by your indoor bike trainer. It can also absorb some of those annoying vibrations that your trainer typically produces.

  • Trainer tire

Trainers rely on friction for resistance, so typically they are harder on tires than on the road miles. It is advisable for you to choose a trainer-specific tire to get a more convenient ride, be it indoors or outdoors.