Custom Beach Cruisers: Stand Out From The Crowd

custom beach cruiser bicycle

Sometimes it’s not enough just to have a sweet looking beach cruiser to get around the beach, around town, or around campus on. Sometimes you want to make that ride your own and you want to customize it with various parts that can make your beach cruiser bike like no one else’s. When you do this, not only does your bike fit your own personality like no “out of the box” bike can, but you will get stopped everywhere you go with questions about where you got your unique bike. You’ll just have to tell them that you got it here, there, and everywhere!

Custom Beach Cruiser Parts & Accessories

There are many ways in which you can customize your bike. There are subtle ways that most people won’t notice, like changing out the pedals or a subtle change to the tires, maybe even a bell. But then there are huge changes like dramatic handlebars or a functional or cute basket to add to those handlebars. How you decide to customize your beach cruiser bike is completely up to you and there are literally millions of ways to do it when you think of all the options available.

Beach Cruiser Seat

When changing out the seat of your beach cruiser, don’t just compare looks. Remember, you are going to be sitting on this the entire time you are riding your bike, so you want it to be comfortable as well. There are many manufacturers of beach cruiser bike seats that combine functionality with fun, so make sure to go for one of those!

schwinn cruiser bicycle saddle schwinn beach cruiser bike seat sunlite custom cruiser saddle zacro beach cruiser seat schwinn no pressure cruiser bike
 Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat Schwinn Quilted Springer Cruiser Seat, Brown  Sunlite Cloud-9 Suspension Cruiser Gel Saddle  Zacro Leather Dual Spring Gel Bike Saddle  Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat

Beach Cruiser Tires

Tires for anything that is ridden, be it a bicycle or a car, dramatically affect riding performance. You can choose tires that are specifically made for riding through sand or loose gravel, or even just on pavement if you are going to be riding on campus. You also have a choice on colors. You can choose the traditional beach cruiser whitewall tires or you can go with solid black. However, many companies are making beach cruiser tires that are solid colors that aren’t black, such as mint green or off white so you can match your tires to the color of your beach cruiser if you’d like.

bell beach cruiser bike tire sunlite beach cruiser tire schwinn beach cruiser tire sunlite green cruiser bike tire Duro Diamond Tread Tire White Wall
Bell Cruiser Bike Tire Sunlite Cruiser Tire Schwinn Cruiser Tire w/ Kevlar Sunlite Beach Cruiser Tire Duro Diamond Tread Tire White Wall

Beach Cruiser Fenders

Fenders on a beach cruiser bike make it look retro and that’s all the rage these days. In fact, what’s the point of having a beach cruiser if you don’t want the smooth ride and the retro look? There are many types of fenders from full fenders to short ones and color matched to chrome, so look for ones that match your individual taste and what you think will look the best on your custom beach cruiser bike.

sunlite cruiser bike fenders lowrider flared balloon cruiser bike fenders Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Fenders, Chrome Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bike Fenders Avenir Beach Cruiser Fenders
Sunlite Cruiser Bike Fenders Lowrider Flared Balloon Cruiser Fenders Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Fenders, Chrome Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bike Fenders Avenir Beach Cruiser Fenders

Cruiser Bike Handlebars

There are handlebars that are wide and give you a comfortable stance when sitting on the bike. Then there are others that are shorter that make for a smaller turning radius that may be better if you are shorter. Then, if you really want to make a statement, go for the tall cruiser bike handlebars and cruise around in style – everyone will be looking your way!

wald city cruiser bike handlebar sunlite retro beach cruiser bike handlebar wald high rise cruiser bike handlebar wald cruiser bicycle gull wing handlebar sunlite d beach cruiser bike handlebar
Wald City Cruiser Bike Handlebar Sunlite Steel Retro Cruiser Handlebar  Wald Cruiser Bicycle High-Rise Handlebar  Wald Cruiser Bike Gull-Wing Handlebar  Sunlite D-Cruiser Handlebar

Custom Beach Cruiser Grips

You may decide to change the grips on your beach cruiser for several reasons. One is comfort. Two is color. And three is coordination. The comfort is easy to fix as there are many grips that are ergonomically shaped to fit the hand and reduce sweating. Color and coordination are also easy to fix as sometimes you can get a seat and a set of grips that match – coordination – or you can pull a color out of a design element on your seat and choose a set of grips in that color – thereby adding extra color.

velo leather cruiser bike grips trelc handlebar custom cruiser bike grips sunlite cruiser bike foam grip set outtag non slip bike handlebar grips
Velo Leather Beach Cruiser Grips for 7/8″ handle bars  TRELC Antislip Bicycle Handlebar Grips  Sunlite Cruiser Foam Grip 4 pc set  Outtag Ergonomic Cycling Grips (7/8″ Inner Dia)  Outerdo Soft Rubber Handlebar Grips

Beach Cruiser Pedals

This is one of those items that I mentioned most people don’t notice unless you point it out to them. Well, they will also notice it if they ride the bike. That’s because many aftermarket pedals are made to be more comfortable than the ones that come on bikes straight out of the box, and since a lot of people wear thinner shoes while riding beach cruiser bikes, or even pedal bare foot, having more comfortable beach cruiser pedals can be a really smart upgrade.

bell cruiser bicycle pedal diamondback bike pedal sunlite barefoot cruiser bike pedal sunlite barefoot beach cruiser bike pedal sunlite beach cruiser pedal
Bell Cruiser Bike Pedal Diamondback Bicycle Comfort Pedal Sunlite Barefoot Cruiser MX Pedals Sunlite Barefoot Cruiser Pedals Sunlite Cruiser Pedals w/ Rubber Surface

Beach Cruiser Basket

The basket on the front of a beach cruiser doesn’t just have to look pretty, it can also be functional, but functional doesn’t have to mean it looks bad. There are ones made from metal, ones made from plastic, and yes, even the old-fashioned wicker ones are still made. It all depends on what you plan to do with it and what kind of look you want for your bike. If you want to put your little pooch in there and he or she is tiny, a wicker one might be best so it doesn’t hurt their paws. Because they are more enclosed, it may also make them feel more secure. Beach cruiser baskets made of metal or plastic also tend to be bigger so if you need to haul items from a store or books from class, then those might be your best bet.

jbikes beach cruiser basket sunlite mesh cruiser bike basket schwinn quick release bike basket for cruisers nantucket bike basket beach cruiser bikes colorbasket bike basket cruiser bikes
JBikes Square Steel Wire Basket Sunlite Mesh Bottom Lift-Off Basket Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket Nantucket Bicycle Basket Colorbasket Wicker Bike Basket

Cruiser Bike Lights

If you are going to do any riding at night, it is always a safe idea to upgrade your beach cruiser bike with some lights so that people can see you, even if it’s just on campus and there are lights around. You want to know that people can see you at all times. This will decrease the likelihood of there being any mishaps or accidents while you are riding at night.

hodgson beach cruiser bike lights bv bike light set cruiser bike bv beach cruiser bike lights schwinn snake cruiser bike led bike wheel lights
HODGSON USB Rechargeable, Super Bright 370+ Lumens BV LED Bike Light Set, Quick-Release, Weather Resistant BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright Schwinn Snake Lights with 2 LED Super Cool LED Bike Wheel Lights

Beach Cruiser Bell

A bell is one of those classic items that every beach cruiser bike has to have if you’re going for a retro look. Plus, it doesn’t help to be able to let people know you’re coming without having to yell for them to get out of the way for you every time, you know? Everyone knows the classic sound of a bicycle bell and most people will look to make sure they aren’t in the way of someone.

classic cruiser bike bell firmstrong beach cruiser bell custom beach cruisers bell chrome cruiser bicycle bell lowrider flag beach cruiser bike bell
Classic Bike Bell With Vintage Ring Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bell Bicycle Handlebar Bell Ding Dong Cruiser Bicycle Bell Big Flag Bicycle Bell

Beach Cruiser Bike Rim Skin & Spoke Reflectors

If you’d like your rims to stand out, rim skins can definitely help you can make them the same color as your bike, or you can make them a totally different color to make them pop, the choice is yours! Spoke reflectors also make your rims stand out even during the day, but are especially helpful for night riding as they can bring attention to you when people are driving so that people know to steer clear so there are no accidents.

cruiser bike rim skin beach cruiser rim stickers sunlite cruiser bicycle wheel reflectors beach criser scotchlite bike spoke reflectors beach cruiser bike wheel reflectors clear
Beach Cruiser Rim Skin Beach Cruiser Rim Stickers Sunlite Cruiser Wheel Reflectors Scotchlite Bike Spoke Reflectors Cruiser Bicycle Wheel Reflectos

Cruiser Bike Mirrors

If you’re on your bike all the time, you know how hard it is to turn your head to look around you for oncoming traffic with the wider handlebars (or even wider if you’ve upgraded them), so adding cruiser bike mirrors may be a good idea not only from an aesthetics standpoint, but also from one of safety. Mirrors can be all different shapes and sizes and they can even be different colors to contrast or match with the color of your bike.

Beach Cruiser Bike Pump

Having a bike pump with you while you’re riding around is always handy – you never know when you’re going to need it – however, you also don’t want a clunky thing attached to your bike either. You want your cruiser to look nice! They have smaller bike pumps that can attach under the seat or along the bottom of the inside rail of the bike so that it’s there, but not the focus of the bike. However, for people who do happen to notice it, they will know you are a person who is prepared!

Locks for Custom Beach Cruisers

It’s important to always lock your bike up when you park it, even if you can still see it when you go inside for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. It only takes a second for someone to ride away on it. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to have a big ugly lock to attach it to a pole either! Look for a lock that has a color that is similar or contrasts nicely with the color of your bike, and look for one that has a smooth, bendable coating on it so it doesn’t scratch your bike’s paint or powder coat.

Beach Cruiser Water Bottle Holder

If you are going to be out in the sun for any length of time, you need to stay hydrated, but if you are going to be riding your beach cruiser as well, then you need to make especially sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Having a water bottle holder attached to the top internal rail of your beach cruiser will make sure you can always grab something to drink on the go. There are many sizes and designs to choose from, and you can even get different colored bottles as well.


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