What’s the Best Elliptical Under $1000?

best elliptical under 1000

Want to stay fit year round? Is your gym membership too expensive? If so, consider working out at home. It’s a great to maintain your fitness while saving time and money. Invest in a quality elliptical bike and stick to your workouts. This cardio machine hits all muscle groups and melts away fat. It provides a full body workout without putting stress on your back and knees.

Elliptical bikes come in all shapes and sizes. The price varies from one brand to another. Most models under $1,000 are ideal for home use, featuring pre-set workout programs, LCD display, built-in heart rate monitor, heavy-duty flywheel, and multiple resistance levels. Follow these tips to get the best elliptical under $1,000:

Do Proper Research

Go online and check out the most popular elliptical bikes on the market. Compare several different models, read customer reviews, and visit the manufacturers’ websites.

Compare Prices

It shouldn’t be hard to find quality elliptical bikes under $1,000. Most models in this price range boast workout apps designed by personal trainers, excellent build quality, and sturdy construction. If you find a great machine that exceeds your budget, look for discounts and special deals.

Check Out the Features

Most ellipticals work pretty much the same. For under $1,000, you can get one with adjustable incline ramp, iPod-compatible sound system, and iFit modules. Some machines have wireless Internet connectivity, built-in pedometers, advanced consoles, and adjustable pedals. These features will make your workout challenging and fun.

Look for an Ergonomic Design

Choose a quality elliptical bike with ergonomic handles, wide footrests, center frame support, and integrated levelers. Some machines simulate the natural movement of running and waking, putting less stress on the joints. Others provide a wide range of resistance and incline levels.

Choose a Trusted Brand

Not all brands are created equal. The best elliptical bikes under $1,000 come from popular brands like Sole Fitness, Horizon Fitness, Proform, and Schwinn. Steer clear of those manufactured in China. Keep searching until you find a model that offers good value for money.