Suunto Ambit2 GPS and Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review


Check this new and cool gadget in the market.

Everyone, especially trail runners would love to have this Suunto Ambit2 GPS and Heart Rate Monitor Watch, a multisport watch that would perfectly fit the wrist of triathletes.

This multi-purpose watch provides many useful features that concern in the weather, navigation, altitude of a place, rate of the heart, speed and as well as data of the training. This will certainly meet your needs in swimming, running and biking activities.

Suunto Ambit2 Navigation

In navigation, the Suunto Ambit2 has a full package of features of SirfFIV v2.2 GPS with various coordinate systems that would definitely navigate and at the same time storage together with its adjustable tracking intervals. Aside from that, it GPS features integrated with its timekeeping ability, provides waypoint and route navigation. Of course, it also offers your way back. That makes explorers and athletes not to worry no more if you are not that familiar or if they accidentally took the wrong way. It also has this is what we call Point of Interest feature. Point of Interest is a certain point location that one can find it very useful or sometimes, interesting. It would at least specify the latitude and longitude together with the name and the description of the POI. That’s awesome. Easier access of information of the nearest establishment or hotels for explorers and eventually reduces their baggage. They don’t need any more to check extra information in the internet.

Suunto Ambit2 Features

Moreover, the screen sensitivity and response on the Suunto Ambit2 are awesome. With its versatile button lock, it works faster than any watch of its kind out there. Aside from this, it also has 1000+ free sports apps plus you can download other apps.

The weather function is also notable. It has the ability to measure the temperature of a certain place as well as its barometric pressure. This one will help you predicting the weather condition and will prevent doing meanie-Minnie-moo decisions.

In addition to this, its altimeter is also added here. Altimeter or short for altitude meter is a measurement used for the altitude of a specific body above a fixed level. The features include the barometric altitude, vertical speed, its total ascent and descent and above all a graph.

Generally, the multi-purpose watch function includes the time and date and can also be set as an alarm clock. The backlight can be also be adjust by the user according to his/her choice. Metric and Imperial units of measurement were also in the list of functions. In case of emergency and you need to save it energy, you can turn on its power saver mode. Aside from that, transferring of data is also made possible through the USB cable that is included on its package.

The Suunto Ambit2 watch is really something that you gotta grab. Its capabilities and functions and its up-to-date features will indulge you while running, biking or swimming outside. But then, the choice is yours. Just be sure to settle on the product that will never waste your money but rather make the most of it.