LifeSpan TR1200-DT Standing Treadmill Desk Review

Why A Standing Treadmill Desk?

Standing desks are not a new concept. Many people who have desk jobs use standing desks because you can burn more calories standing up than sitting down. This allows the person with the desk job to move around and burn more fat instead of being sedentary all day, which is bad for the heart. The standing treadmill desk is the same concept – add more movement to your otherwise, low-activity workday.

You can comfortably exercise passively while you use your laptop without having to sacrifice your work ability. Maybe you never use your treadmill because you feel like you’re wasting time by not being productive while you’re simultaneously walking in place. A treadmill desk solves that problem.

2013-Model-LifeSpan-TR1200-DT-Standing-Treadmill-DeskWhy Not Just Make My Own Desk and Add It to My Treadmill?

This model LifeSpan treadmill was easy to assemble and takes somewhere around an hour and a half. The treadmill height can be adjusted, but it is a two-person job, so don’t be discouraged. All of the controls are directly in front of you, so there’s no reaching around or obstructing buttons with your own laptop. The back of the table has a cubby hole, which allows for the wires to sit comfortably. The armrests are phenomenal – they are incredibly satisfying on the arms, so don’t expect any awkward pain or discomfort while typing and walking.I actually considered this before doing my research online. I figured if I could find a tall desk and place it strategically in front of the treadmill, it would achieve the same purpose as a higher dollar treadmill with a built-in desk. But no matter what plan I put together, nothing seemed as good as a solid constructed desk built directly into the treadmill. And LifeSpan is an amazing company with a superb track record, so anything from LifeSpan is guaranteed to be quality.

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT treadmill measures your time, estimated calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken. You can adjust the speed anywhere from 0.4 to 4 MPH, so you’ll be unable to jog or run quickly when you’re not working – one downside. Most people can walk around 2 MPH comfortably, and the speed can be adjusted incrementally as your typing or working gets more intensive. Imagine getting an extra 5 miles of walking in daily without even noticing it.

Important Notes:

  • Don’t forget to buy a treadmill mat and lube to protect your investment. Apply silicone lubricant every few months.
  • If you’re hovering any lower than 5’6″, you should consider your height when purchasing this treadmill. Some users report using the lowest height setting around this height.

This treadmill is perfect for people who have to spend long days in front of the computer. If you’ve been worrying about your health, and need to be more active, but lack the time and energy, then please consider a treadmill desk. It is a great expense, but not greater than inactivity could have on your health.

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