Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review

Bowflex-Blaze-Home-Gym-0Bowflex Blaze home gym offers over 60 different exercises to the users. It can be defined as a user friendly product, which can be assembled with less hassle. The product has 410 pounds of power rod resistance as well. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Bowflex Blaze home gym and know what it has got for you.

Bowflex Blaze Versatility

As I mentioned earlier, Bowflex Blaze offer over 60 different exercises. It is a flexible product, which can be used for strength training as well as cardio workouts. The strength training features delivered by this product are extensive. They include 13 leg exercises, 5 different exercises for abs, 16 arm exercises, 9 back exercises, 14 shoulder exercises and 8 for the chest. Even though the upper resistance level of Bowflex Blaze is 210 out of the box, you have the ability to upgrade it to 410 pounds. However, you will have to spend additional money on this upgrade, where each 100 pound upgrade will cost about $100.

Bowflex Blaze Performance

The Power Rod resistance system plays a major role behind the performance of Bowflex Blaze home gym. The resistance provided to users through the rods return to their original position after bending. This product delivers a progressive resistance to the users. In other words, it will get harder and harder as you go through the range of motion. You can expect a full body workout from this home gym and it treats your joints gently.

Bowflex Blaze User Friendliness

Bowflex Blaze home gym is specifically designed for the convenience of users. You don’t need to go through much hassle when assembling it. In addition, it takes only few minutes for you to switch between different exercises. All the operating instructions are provided along with the product to keep you away from trouble. It is recommended to keep a screwdriver and a wrench set in your hands when assembling the product.

Bowflex Blaze Durability

Bowflex Blaze home gym can be considered as a quiet and smooth product. It is about seven feet tall and three feet wide. Therefore, Bowflex Blaze cannot be considered as a typical home gym. However, you have the ability to partially fold it when you are not using. The build quality of this home gym is excellent and you will be able to use it for a long period of time. In fact, Bowflex offers a lifetime guarantee on the power rods of this product.


  • Offers over 60 different exercises that focus on all the body areas.
  • Easy to assemble and switch in between the exercises.
  • Can be folded partially in order to save space.


  • Offers a limited range of motions.
  • You will have to spend money on resistance upgrades.

To summarize, Bowflex Blaze can be defined as a great product that offers almost all the features that you can expect from a home gym. It is marked at an affordable price and any person can think of purchasing with a doubt free mind.