Best Recumbent Road Bike

best recumbent road bike

Laid Back Cycling

The bicycle is simply the most energy-wise form of transportation ever invented. It requires the least amount of effort to cover the most distance, most efficiently. Modern bikes can handle outrageously difficult terrain and are often a component of extreme sports.

For those of us that don’t wish to dodge trees at breakneck speed, who never go down rough mountain trails, and who simply want a greener form of daily transportation, there is a better solution. But you need to be a bit more laid back.
Putting on cycling gear, rolling up your work clothes into a knapsack, pedaling to work getting sweaty, and then slipping into the washroom to undress and re-dress in business clothes, and give your face a quick wash is pure inconvenience. It may be great for the environment but it represents a whole lot of unnecessary work for you. Get a recumbent bike!

It’s easy, relaxing, and compared to an upright bicycle, the smaller profile minimizes wind-resistance, making the whole job a lot easier. Whether it’s a trike, to make balance easier, or a bike, for a slimmer profile, recumbents take a huge load off of your pelvic bones, eliminating “numb-bum” syndrome. And it’s a delight for any age; if you can walk you can probably bike!

But the key factor that separates it from an upright bicycle is that you can go to work in your three piece suit, arrived clean, cool, and refreshed, shuck your helmet, brush your hair, and you’re ready to go.

There are plenty of brands out there, including Bacchetta, Easy Riders, HP Velotechnik, Trice, WhizWheelz, Lightning, Optima, Sun, Linear, Maxarya, LongBikes, and many more. Reviews abound and although there are different opinions about the brands, every single one of them is more comfortable and faster than virtually any upright bicycle.

Where to Find the Best Recumbent Road Bike

I’ve taken the liberty of sifting through some of the top rated recumbent road bikes available on Amazon. I look at overall rating, rank and number of ratings.

Whether you like bikes or trikes, do yourself a favor and look at the comfortable alternatives today. It’s a whole new world!